Isabella the play a mix of history and humour

WINGHAM Town Hall was alive with history and humour on Saturday night.

Cast members of Isabella the play were well  received at Wingham Town Hall

Cast members of Isabella the play were well received at Wingham Town Hall

More than 300 people packed the hall and braved a cold, foggy evening to see Maggie Young's Isabella the Play.

Maggie's intention had been to give pioneer Isabella Mary Kelly a voice but she realised on the night that she had in fact given everyone a voice.

"This belonged to the community," she said.

It was a local story with a local cast and a loyal, local audience.

"I've had such a great response from everyone," Maggie said.

"People have said such lovely things but the one thing I heard over and over was 'thank you for putting this on in the Wingham Town Hall.'"

Maggie designed the play to make use of the space.

"It leaves it open for moments to happen," she said.

The characters in the play were not confined to the stage and those lucky enough to be seated at the front were very much in the middle of the action.

From dancing the waltz to booing and stomping their feet, members of the audience were encouraged to participate.

The cast were well received and Maggie said they were all so "wonderfully committed."

"I am so proud of Kath Palmer who played Isabella, I always knew she was the right person for the role." She said.

The play was inspired by Maurie Garland's book, The Trials of Isabella Mary Kelly, and there were some happy people who were able to purchase a signed copy of the book on the night.

Joy Obadin made 700 scones for supper and guests were also served cake with their tea and coffee.

The Red Cedar Band entertained all evening, upping the tempo after the play.

Rock and roll replaced the waltz and the dance floor was well used.

"I felt very proud to be a part of Wingham," admits Maggie.

"Community pride is very strong here and that is so great."

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