Moon star of the day

WINGHAM Rifle Club competitors shot from the 800 yards range, and the rain interrupted firing between stages, but it did not deter shooters from obtaining excellent scores.

Star of the day was junior Ronan Moon, 12, who smashed the previous record in the first and second stages, and another record for his total score. His ability to concentrate and read conditions is exceptional for such a young age. Chris Barnard in F Class A-grade fired two outstanding rounds.

A-grade was won by Tony Moon with a very good 99.8, closely followed by Jim Blackmore on 98.10.

Once again all the action was in F Class both grades.

F Class A was won by Chris Barnard with a fantastic 116.7, followed by Phil Costa shooting a terrific second round of 57.2 for a total of 113.3, then Mike Rogerson who shot a superb first round of 58.4, then faltered in his second stage for a total of 111.7. Alex Gibson scored 108.5 narrowly defeating current champion Tony Galati 108.4.

F Class B-grade was won by Ronan Moon with a super score of 114.4, then followed Bev Rogerson 107.3, just defeating Gordon Higgins 107.2 and Todd Barnard who was trying different ammunition scored 98.

Ronan Moon won the handicap trophy. Next week will be 800 metres.