Some spectacular goals were scored

WITH World Cup fervour the Saxbys under 13 Wingham Warriors hosted visiting Green Point Rovers in junior soccer.

Despite drizzling rain the team took to the field in Socceroo colours. The team took a little time to find their feet on the slippery conditions but soon showed the opposition that they would have difficult game ahead.

Our smaller players Blade Soars and Sam Diehm doubted the coach's love as they were sent to mark a much bigger opponent, showing that under 13 year old players with size 12 shoes were not a problem for our guys. Spectacular team goals were the order of the day. Canann O'Donell kept up his averages as he scored two lovely goals.

Nash McPherson was in a great position to lob a high goal above the head and fingertips of the tall Green Point goalie.

David Diehm literally threw himself into scoring as ball, goalie and David all ended up on the grass behind the goal line.

Jordy Goodman put hours of practice into play as he successfully scored a dot shot arising a defender's handball. Maddi Owen tip toed around the opposition, baffling them with her speed and agility. Kye Gregory and Andrew Nielson teamed up in the back line to stop any attack from the opposition. None was more proud of the team's great performance than coach And Goodmanoglou who summed up the game with: "I don't know if it's their age or exceptional coaching, but they are using their heads and playing brilliantly."