Outstanding scores

THE rain held off and the conditions were good for Wingham Rifle Club competition from the 700 yards range.

There were some outstanding scores from A-graders Peter Thurtell and Tony Moon.

In F Class another top effort, father and son Chris and Todd Barnard both broke club records.

Also new club member Alex Gibson shot a very good score and was promptly promoted from B-grade to A-grade.

Chris Barnard who has been consistently posting good scores was also promoted to A-grade.

A-grade was very exciting with Peter Thurtell firing a superb second round of 50.9 for a total of 100.15. Right on his tail was Tony Moon also scoring 50.9 in his second round for a total of 100.13, followed by Jim Blackmore 96.7, and Wendy Moon 94.5.

B-grade was taken out by Barry White on 91.6.

F Class A-grade was won by Chris Barnard breaking a previous record in his second round with a score of 60.4 for a total of 113.5, then followed Tony Galati 111.1, Alex Gibson who fired a good second round of 57.3 for a total of 109.4, then Mike Rogerson 105.1.

F Class B won by Gordon Higgins 107.4, followed by junior Todd Barnard with a record breaking second round of 56.2 for a total of 106.2 and that broke another record.

Bev Rogerson scored 106.1 and that was a personal best for her at the 700 yard range, then followed Ronan Moon 103.4.

Todd Barnard won the handicap trophy.

Saturday's shooting is from 800 yards.