Women's golf

WELCOME back to ladies golf with lots happening, as always.

Wes and Tenille Neil of Caddy's Restaurant, Wingham

Wes and Tenille Neil of Caddy's Restaurant, Wingham

Wingham golfers Denise Blanch and Jo Stinson

Wingham golfers Denise Blanch and Jo Stinson

First off a big happy birthday to Wes and Tennille at Caddies Restaurant.

One year gone thank you very much, it really is a treat to dine with them, the food is always delish and served with a smile.

Yes our foursomes have been run and won, with two weeks of great golf.

Winners were Denise Polley and Katrina Greenaway, runner-up Di Morley and Kathy Knapp.

Well done everyone.

Our travellers had a lovely day at Harrington Waters for the Pam Byrne’s memorial day, Wendy did spoil us all with lots of lovely treats and gifts.

We thank all the Harrington ladies for the great day.

There was also much fun had by all for the Scottish festival.

Today we had lots of fun and games for the Wingham Headlines monthly medal - yes believe it or not fun on a stroke day.

There were lots of us chunking that little white ball around today, some out of bounds, some into trees of course and some barely off the tee.

So funny to play, with a bit of variety all day.

We did have winners, more by good fortune then great golfing.

The lucky ones were on count backs, Denise blanch medal winner, division one gross Denise Polley, net Debbie Stewart.

Division two gross Di Morley, net Anne O’Neill, runner-up Kathy Knapp.

Division three gross Joy White, net Sharon Juozaitis.

Of course we also had putting to deal with, that was a real adventure for some winners on count backs - they were: division one Denise Blanch, division two Gay Wagner, division three Joy White.

Lucky we had some yummy soup to warm us all up.

Next time for our fun day we have the 4bbb v par event get your partners.

See you all then.