Warriors crash to Macleay

FOOTBALL is a funny game.

When you might have all the best intentions, the skill and fitness yet lack the basic ability to follow a game plan. All teams have strengths and weaknesses, winning teams exploit the opposition's weaknesses while protecting their own vulnerability. Wingham Warriors Premier League side were guilty of playing to Macleay Valley's strengths, allowing one of the best wall passing teams to play the their strengths. Wingham now sit on the bottom of the table which hopefully gives them the wakeup call required to dig themselves out of this predicament they now find themselves in.

Relegation is a nasty word that still leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the original players from the first premier league campaign. The Wingham team did have a late withdrawal from a key player late on game day, but this does not excuse the team's performance overall. A week's break due to the long weekend will allow niggling injuries time to mend and reflect on what is required to get us back into the winner's circle. The only good thing that came out of this game was the fact that the lads were still gutted with the defeat, so this proves the passion still burns within. Player's player was Dean Whitlam, well supported by Jared Cooper, Ryan Haley and Alex Ihlow.


Wingham women took on Green Point Rovers in a top of the table clash. Green Point put in an early goal while Wingham were still settling in to the game. A very brutal game with Wingham's young team not backing down to the much more experienced Green Point. In the second half Amba Brown made a break down the right wing, heading for goal but when cutting the ball back in field, tripped in a hole and hurt her ankle, resulting in a visit to the hospital with suspected broken ankle. Wingham girls played with 100 per cent effort. Unfortunately Green Point put in another goal just before full time to win 2-0. A gutsy effort from our girls against a much more experienced team.