World class pipes

BAGPIPE players and drummers heading for the 2014 World Pipe Band Championships will play in Wingham this weekend.

When the Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival comes to town, so too will six pipe bands that includes many of the members of the NSW Highlanders Pipe Band destined for Glasgow in August.

Local pipers in the NSW band Reay Edge and Bruce Spence, together with drummers Lyn and Claire Murphy play with Wingham Pipes and Drums and are excited by the "pretty good chance" they have at the world titles

"We have a good size band," said Reay who has been to Glasgow for the competition before but in a much smaller band.

There will be 14 pipers, six snair drummers and six bass section in the NSW team.

They will certainly be a force to be reckoned with when they travel – 62 people in total giving a big support group to the band.

Two hundred and fifty bands are competing which equates to more than 8000 band members.

The championships will be televised on UK TV and Reay hopes the experience inspires his eldest son Lyle to take up the pipes again.

"He learnt to play the pipes when he was younger - this might motivate him!" he said.

Six pipe bands will be coming to Wingham this weekend offering the opportunity to hear more then 100 pipers and drummers play when they give a mass performance for the opening and closing ceremony of the festival.

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