Zone 8 Bowling

ANOTHER two championships were decided this week with the playing of the fours events. In the social fours championship the first semi final played at Lake Cathie the team of G Tiley, C Batts, G Bateman and D Hancox defeated K Woods, D Begley, G Fuller and R Clark while at Taree Rail B Gorman, M Leo, K Cooney and D Porter defeated W Mangold, J Meredith, W Archbold and T Phibbs in a closely contested game. The final was then played and D Porter's team defeated G Bateman, all games were played in a very competitive fashion and congratulations to Doug Porter's team for their win, they were runners-up last year and now have won the big one.

Once again our numbers were down for the RSL fours championships with only five teams nominating and not one team from the Port Macquarie area, as we are obligated to play regardless of numbers by the RSL we continue to support these championships.

In the RSL fours championships semi finals F Stephens, R Bailie-Mace, S Wilson and G Webster defeated B Sevenoaks, G Dowd, T Ryan and A Dean in a game that could have gone either way, while in the other semi final G Morris, T Head, S Anderson and S Pell defeated B Thielemann, D Hannah, O Henderson and B Kirby in another closely contested game. The final between S Pell's team and G Webster's was another of those games which was very competitive. The winners were to G Morris, T Head, S Anderson and S Pell over F Stephens, R Bailie-Mace, S Wilson and G Webster, congratulations to Steve and his team who now go and play in the State playoffs against a Sydney based team at Raymond Terrace on June 5, we wish you all the best.

Our next championship are the pairs starting in June and lets hope we can get some support for this event. Richard Bailie-Mace

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