Men's Bowls

ROUND two of the Wingham Bowling Club championship pairs was played over the weekend with the following results: B Williams and W Lewis defeated D O'Donnell and S Burnell-Jones 20-16; T Proctor and P Williams def C Hinton and J Hinton 27-18; P Holden and T Moore def A Cox and R Connell 34-7; M Hollebone and G Walker def J Gillogly and G Bartlett 20-14. 

Saturday social had two big wins with C Kane and K Karlton winning 30-8 against P Wilson and C Watson and L Cross, G Bartlett and M Clarke winning 33-11 against T Richardson, D Hammond and G Walker.

Wednesday dads army

WINNING the day were G Watts, B Wolters and P Williams with a 22-12 win over B Page, M Hollebone and D Hammond. Runners-up were M Marcus, M Cannon and S Burnell-Jones with 21-12 win over W Latimore, T Baker and W Lewis.

In the remaining games G DePyper, E Weir and G Bartlett beat J Kennett, P Wilson and M Clarke 17-12 and in the pairs game A Messer and B Williams beat M Cumberland and C Hinton by 1 shot 20-19.

Wednesday twilight

WINNERS were A Dodd and H Payton with a 14-11 win over P Kriss and T Abbott. In other games R Payton and P Swan beat T Colechan and J Black 15-13; D O'Donnell, P Anderson and M Hammond beat John and Jim Gillogly and M Hollebone 14-12. 

Friday Mixed

WINNERS by count back were L Cross and A Cox with a win +12 ends against Maureen Hollebone and R Lollback; E Holden and G Floyd beat L Burnell-Jones and S Burnell-Jones also with a win +12 ends; J Pedron, M Hollebone and N Foy beat G Watts, J Nash and J Black with a win+9 ends.

Best of luck to both Grade 2 and Grade 5 district pennant teams going to the zone playoffs this coming weekend at Maitland.