Scottish fest: Braveheart Poets Breakfast

Braveheart Poets Breakfast

Braveheart Poets Breakfast

FOR at least seven years The Braveheart Poets Breakfast has been a popular fixture on the Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival program.

This year's event looks set to be no different.

An exciting line up of performers will bring emotional and touching poetry to the audience.

Taking place in St Matthews Anglican Hall on Friday, the breakfast menu will be provided by St Matthew's Women's Guild from 7.30am.

"We have it so early so people can listen and then go to work," Eric Richardson, chairman of the festival committee, said.

Most of the poetry will have a Scottish connection including the Ballad of Sir Patrick Spens.

But there will be some Aussie classics too including Trooper Campbell by Henry Lawson.

There will also be original poetry, specially written for the event.

"Some of the performers will act out the poetry," Eric said.

"Some will recite because they love it."

Performers on the line up include David McPherson, Bob McMillan, Susan Cook from Canberra, Deirdre Sutherland, Frederick Gerlich and Nea McCulloch from Sydney.

Anyone is welcome to attend the Braveheart Poets Breakfast, there is no need to book. Come along to St Matthew's Anglican Hall from 7.30am on Friday, cost $12.

Braveheart Poets Breakfast

Braveheart Poets Breakfast

The Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival runs from May 29 - June 1. The main games and fair day is on Saturday in Central Park, Wingham from 9am.