Africa comes to Wingham

AS part of the Africa Comes to the Manning festival, Zambian storyteller Dorothy Makasa will speak with students at Wingham High School on Thursday, May 22 from 9.20 to 12.10pm. Dorothy will also speak with women in the community at Manning Net’s program at the Wingham Services Club 6.30-9 pm.

African storyteller Dorothy Makasa

African storyteller Dorothy Makasa

The second annual Africa comes to the Manning festival 

MAY 18- 25.

The festival aims to raise awareness of African culture and issues facing African migrants and refugees in Australia, by showcasing the Manning Valley and celebrating migrants’ contributions to Australia. 

This year’s theme is UBUNTU (oo-buun-too), a Southern African term which means literally ‘human-ness’, but is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean ‘the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity’. 

The festival has been organised by Manning Cultural Connections (under the auspice of Manning Valley 

Neighbourhood Services), a network of volunteers who seek to 

promote inclusive cultural exchanges in the Manning Valley. 

Manning Cultural Connections enjoys a strong collaboration with the Migrant Settlement Project,  Manning Regional Art Gallery and Manning Valley Neighbourhood Services. 

This non-profit cultural extravaganza celebrates the flavours, music, dance, film, poetry and art of  Africa. For information please call Manning Valley Neighbourhood Services Inc on 6553 5121 or the Art Gallery on 6592 5455. 

Manning Cultural Connections would like to give special thanks for their abundant demonstration of  UBUNTU: Australian Film Television and Radio School, Barrier Signs, Bass ‘n’ Blues, Beth Fuller and Associates, Community Relations Commission, Clay International Partners, Friends of the Gallery,  Greater Taree City Council, HandUp Congo, ICA Australia, Jalan Design, Leapfrog Films, Manning Net,  Manning Regional Art Gallery, Manning Valley Neighbourhood Services, Manning Valley Senior Citizens Association, Migrant Settlement Project, North Coast TAFE, Officeworks Taree, StingArt, South  African Tourism, Taree Film Society, U3A and Wild Fig Café.