Women's golf

WOW what a great day we had today at golf, the weather just held off, which was great. Lots of ladies for the Wingham Headlines monthly medal. As the men are having their championships, we had some very tricky pin positions to deal with.

Wingham golfers Cheryle Andrews and Jo Stinson

Wingham golfers Cheryle Andrews and Jo Stinson

Some ladies, however today were putting demons.

The winner today for her very first medal ever was our tiniest member with the biggest heart, Cheryle Andrews, cuty well done. Cheryle really played very well today with a nice gobbler, birdy on the seventh hole we all heard the celebration - ripper.

Other winners today, division one, gross Denise Blanch c/b, nett Katrina Greenaway.

Division two gross, Pat Marcus, nett Kathy Knapp c/b, r/u Jan Baker. Division three gross Helen Dunlop. Nett Joy White. Ok the putting queens were: division one Katrina Greenaway, division two Jill Hampton, division three Joy White. Well done everyone.

Next week we have the first round of the foursomes, get your partners and get out there. Also the Scottish festival is on the way too.

Enjoy everyone,