Eye on women's bowls

At home

THIS week is the second round of club major singles championship event.

Results are:

L Gilford defeated R Gillogly

D Polley def T Rushworth

K Carlton def G Bell

E Holden def J Pedron

C O'Donnell def J Thorburn

Social Bowls

THERE was one game of fours and the result was:

M Hinton (skip), C Lockrey, G Burden, S Wolters (16)


N Sandford (skip), F Leadbeater, J Nash, M Hollebone (11).

Next week: Thursday May 22

At home, will be the third round of club championship singles event and the draw is as follows:

Reminder: rule is "Play or forfeit" in this event.

L Gilford vs L Cross mkr R Gillogly

N Foy vs D Lewis mkr T Rushworth

D Polley vs K Carlton mkr G Bell

E Holden vs C O'Donnell mkr J Pedron

Also social bowls will be played ladies.

Saturday Morning Bowls with Narelle

THERE were 14 players to play in glorious weather, in two games of pairs and one game triples for the cash and the results are as follows:


Pam Weir, C O'Donnell with a win +17


Di Lewis, Pat Marcus.

Runner up:

Maureen Hollebone, Leonie Gilford - Win +16


Janet Nash, Narelle Foy.

Start: 9am in mufti dress (casual and flat soled shoes).

Beginners - we would love to teach you the game of lawn bowls with this friendly bunch!!

Special Mention:

o On Thursday May 22 we will be holding the "Biggest Morning Tea".

Start for general public will be 9.30am onwards, for bowlers we will have ours before going out to bowl.

We request if any ladies could help in the general run of this important event.

o June 9 (Monday Queen's Birthday) event:

Can be either mixed or all the same gender

Open two Bowls Triples, $15 entry per player includes barbecue lunch, start 10am in mufti dress (casual), prizes to the value of $500 - winner and runner-up prizes.

o Sunday June 22 - nominated mixed pairs, $15 each/player includes barbecue. Prizes: $300 in cash prizes for first, second and third places.

All in all, there are plenty of bowls to be played over the next two months, so hope to see a good roll up to these events.

See you on the green.