Wingham Rifle Club report

COMPETITORS lined up on the 500 yards range and the weather was perfect for sight, and without any wind that resulted in fantastic scores with another record for Tony Galati. Ronan Moon had two excellent stages, smashing the junior record. Sensational scores were also achieved by A graders Steve Southwell and Peter Thurtell.

A grade was won by Steve Southwell 100.15, narrowly defeating Peter Thurtell 100.14 by 1 centre. Jim Blackmore fired 98.9, club champion Tony Moon had a great second stage of 50.6 for a total of 97.11 and Wendy Moon on the comeback trail had a very good second stage of 50.5 for a total of 97.8.

B grade was won by Barry White who scored 96.7, Keith Gleeson 92.5, and Georgia Potts shot 90.6.

F class shooters once again were on fire with two records broken. F class A was won by Tony Galati with a perfect score in his second stage of 60.6 for a total of 119.11, followed by Phil Costa who fired a first stage of 59.5 for a total of 117.11, then Mike Rogerson scored 114.5.

F class B was won By Ronan Moon with just missing out on a perfect score in his first stage by one centre, 59.3 for a total of 116.6, then Todd Barnard 107.2, Forbes Thurtell finished on 93.2.

Handicap Trophy went to Ronan Moon.

Next week is 600 yards.