Cooking a new record

CHARISMATIC celebrity chef Jamie Oliver really was larger than life at Wingham High today (Friday). For Food Revolution Day, a cooking class hosted by Jamie was projected onto a large screen in the school and all year ten food tech students took part.

Wingham High was one of 150 schools worldwide picked to take part in the Guinness World Record for 'Most participants in a cookery lesson in 24 hours (multiple venues).' While most of the rest of the world slept, Wingham High students helped set a new Australian record but will have to wait to learn if the world record has been broken.

The excitement has been building for the past few weeks after students were told of the opportunity. Kitted out in their best aprons and stocked up with donated ingredients from Woolworths Taree, the students all made Jamie's Rainbow Salad Wrap from fresh ingredients.

It was often hard for the students to keep up despite being well organised. Fast talking Jamie gave his instructions from the big screen and the students were in a jovial mood. They had given up their sport time to take part in the challenge but nobody seemed to mind.

Two boys were outnumbered by 18 girls and one student at least was determined to declare her undying love for Jamie, "I've promised Tara Wey I will pledge her love for him on the Food Revolution website," said deputy principal Kim Dixon.

Kim was instrumental in getting the class to Wingham High, she received an email in the holidays from TES, the world's largest network of teachers and teaching resources, requesting a show of interest from schools. Kim replied straight away and put the idea to food tech teacher Claire Twaddle in the new term. Claire didn't hesitate to grasp the opportunity and her own enthusiasm for the project was only exceeded by that of her students. "They went a little crazy," she admitted at the time.

Though Kim was the one to click reply, she gives full credit to Claire for bringing the chance to the classroom. "Claire is a phenomenal teacher, she's very forward thinking and the kid's adore her," said Kim.

The school was fortunate that supermarket chain Woolworths donated all the ingredients, delivered personally by staff member Rachel Moscatt from the Taree store. Rachel is a former Wingham High student and she was more than happy to help out.