Junior Tigers

Under 9's

On a very cool morning Tigers headed out to Taree to put their skills to the test against Taree Red Rovers.

After Tigers kicking off, it was time to defend their ground. Red rovers came up fast and Tigers warmed into the game. Tigers tackled well through their set then it was their turn to show their stuff. Ty Yarnold was a strong runner, hitting the rovers and pushing through. Lincoln Parry made a break but the try was turned down. Rovers put the first points down, giving them the lead. Hayden Turner made some great one on one tackles as their defence was held. Liam Andrews was seen picking up a loose ball and sprinting half the field. Rovers put in a few more tries before the first bell rang. The Rovers kicked off this time to an enthusiastic Tigers team. Cooper Walker ran the ball up into a wall of defence while Logan Holden was always right there ready for the offload. Kyle Buddle and Liam Andrews put on a rehearsed play with Liam being decoy and Kyle heading off towards the try line but was tackled just before the line. By this time, Rovers had made a few more tries but that didn't stop Kyle Buddle and Braithe Tubnor chasing the opposition down the field and making some great tackles. After encouragement from Coach John and Mick, the Tigers go into the last 3rd with their heads high. Mason Latimore and (Birthday boy) James Swierczynski showed such spirit as they sprang off the line to take the defence down, making some great tackles. After a few minutes, Lincoln Parry put the Tigers on the board with a great try when he stepped through several Rovers defence. Rovers put a few more points up before the bell sounded. Tigers showed such determination and had fun playing together as a team. Lincoln parry was named Players player which was well deserved.