Clean chimneys urges fire captain

WINGHAM Fire Station captain, Dave O'Donnell has issued a timely reminder to residents to ensure chimneys are cleaned before using them for winter.

The fire crews have been called out to a few chimney fires already but have been pleased to see that working smoke detectors have ensured damage has been kept to a minimum.

Smoke detectors have a shelf life of about ten years and should be replaced as they lose sensitivity over time, said captain O'Donnell.

Fire Station Open

WINGHAM Fire Station will be open to the public this Saturday May 17 from 9am -2pm.

The fire crews will demonstrate a rescue by cutting up a car and also how to use a fire extinguisher. Demonstrations will be held at 10am and 11am.

A wide variety of new and existing equipment will be on display including the station's new thermal imaging camera, gas detectors, hazmat suits, breathing apparatus, rescue shears and rapid intervention kits.

Children will have the opportunity to use the hoses and explore two fire trucks on display.