Beef Week

Wingham Beef Week May 12-17 at Wingham Showground

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SCHOOL children from across the State have arrived in Wingham to camp at the Wingham Showgrounds for Wingham Beef Week. 

Beef Week runs all week until May 17 and kicked off with the Wingham High School Junior Field Day on Monday. The Field Day introduces primary school children to the animals on the school farm and the possibilities of choosing a career in agriculture. They enjoyed washing cows and holding ducks as well as petting sheep, ferrets and even puppies. The animals reaped the benefits of more than 50 children from four different schools lavishing them with attention.

The Wingham High School Field Day kicked off a week of events for the 27th annual Wingham Beef Week.

Since its inception in 1987, Wingham Beef Week has offered high school aged children education through competition and this year the program is as full as ever. It’s a unique event that taps into the agricultural heritage of our town and entries are always big for such competitions as junior judging, junior parading and beef appreciation. Seventeen schools and more than 100 animals are already registered. 

Wingham Beef Week is a unique event. It is the only event of its kind in NSW where producers get the opportunity to view their own carcasses at the conclusion of the judging.

There is no having to wait to see the results on paper. The producer is able to view their actual carcass hanging up in the abattoir chillers and see for themselves what improvements, if any, they may need to implement back on their farm. This is only possible due to the support of local abattoir, Wingham Beef Exports, a major sponsor of the event.

The Wingham Beef Week committee, a sub-committee of the Wingham Show Society has been working all year to organise the special week that caters for all corners of the beef industry.

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