Colloquium in Wingham

A Colloquium is to be held at Wingham on Sunday June 1.

COLLOQUIUM is the name given to an assembly of people interested in debating a topic of mutual interest, be it political, judicial or legislative.

This Colloquium is open to all people of Scottish heritage, or who are interested in debating Scottish or local traditions and protocols to be observed at events to celebrate our Scottish heritage in Australia.

The name Colloquium was chosen for this annual event five years ago when the first event of such a name was contemplated. The name comes from the earliest known Scottish parliament - that was the Kirkliston Colloquium held in Scotland in 1235.

The Colloquium of Clan Leaders will meet at Tellers Restaurant, 48 Bent Street, Wingham NSW at 10am on Sunday June 1.

Topics for debate may be offered on the day but the Chair would prefer to have them in advance so that they can be added to the agenda.

Topics to be debated include:

o Succession planning for Scottish clan societies and Scottish cultural groups (bands, dancing and gaelic language, etc.)

o The role of a chief, a chieftain and a high commissioner or commissioner in Scotland and in Australia

o The title chief, chieftain, high commissioner and commissioner and how they should be used in Australia

o The title laird and how it should be used

o Purchase of supposed Scottish titles and their sale at Scottish events in Australia

o Other topics to be suggested

This Colloquium will be chaired by Susan Cooke, hon. secretary of the Scottish Australian Heritage Council and High Commissioner for Clan Lindsay in Australia.

If you have suggestions for discussion topics please email or write to the hon secretary, Scottish Australian Heritage Council, PO Box 787, Civic Square ACT 2608. Topics will be gratefully received by May 26.

Naturally, the rules of debate and seemly behavior will be enforced at the Colloquium. No yelling, interrupting, whistling, shouting, stamping or waving of chromachs will be tolerated! However lively discussion will be encouraged and we hope that all who attend will go away having learned something.

Morning tea/coffee and scones will be provided in exchange for a gold coin donation.