Beef Week: Adam is back

HE'S handsome, a minor celebrity and very much a 'man' - Adam the papier mache short horned bull replica is back.

Wingham Beef Week: Adam the Bull

Wingham Beef Week: Adam the Bull

Out of storage for Beef Week, Adam is once again charming the customer's of Wingham Gourmet Meat and Chicken. The unofficial mascot of Beef Week, Adam has made the rounds of various business outlets for a number of years now. It's the second year in a row though that Adam is at the Isabella Street butcher's shop and owner Janet Hull is delighted. She has been trying to trace Adam's history and said she remembers him being on display at Billinghams in the past.

Customers have been commenting and the children are super keen on him - you can't miss him, and you certainly can't miss the fact he is a bull. Fresh paint and reconstructive surgery to Adam's private parts leave him a little vulnerable to public scrutiny. But Adam is standing proud and getting ready to leave the butchers in one piece for the Beef Baron's Ball on May 17. He might not be much of a dancer but point a camera at him and Adam ends Beef Week on a very happy note.

Wingham Beef Week will be held from Monday May 12-17 at Wingham Showground.