WINGHAM Hockey Clubs division three men's played a much improved game from their last two against Tigers Leagues.

With the long awaited return by Scott Saxby into the game, this really gave the newcomers Aaron Watson, Pat Cortaville-Smith, Jason Allan and Cooper Lewis a better feel for the play of the game. Our goalie Tony Hartcher played his first game for the season due to prior commitments and had a great game, watch out for the attacking goalie in the circle though as Tony came out for a quick save taking out two players in the midst, one even of his own..carefully there Gabe Poole, he shows no mercy!

Wingham finished the first half in the lead with one goal up after a short corner was taken and a nice solid shot directed at the goals by Scott gave us the lead we needed.

Our young gun from juniors, Taj Greaves is playing his first season in seniors and had a good game, finding the support he needed from Craig Colvin and returnee Daniel Stone throughout the game.

Young Cooper Lewis has started hockey this year for the first time and has really taken to the game, showing his undoubted skill level already by travelling that ball well down the field and making great passes to fellow players Luke Mudie and Graham "Beep" Poulton.

Andrew Morris had a blinder of a game and never faltered, even when hit in the bottom of the foot from a fast moving ball taken by a Tigers player. As always Gabe and Kieren Lewis were amongst it taking on the Tigers attack and made great passes to their team mates. Unfortunately Tigers caught Wingham off guard during the second half scoring a goal from a sideline penalty, with only Tony in goals on the post and a failing markup of players saw the Tigers numbers outdo the Wingham lineup and scored their only goal for the match bringing the game to 1-1. Luckily Wingham had plenty of subs as with the warm weather and a fast paced game saw many red faced, sweaty, puffing players, like John Armstrong, take time out in the dugout, so thankyou. This can be hard with so many at times.

Well done team, well done John, great gamely all and a great result! Next game is Thursday May 1 at 8pm on the TLF against Chatham. See you there.