Council’s plans on display

The Draft Operational Plan for 2014-15 approved at last week’s council meeting is now online with other related documents through the end of May. Copies of the documents are also available at Council’s Administration Centre and libraries.

The community may now review and submit feedback to be considered by Council prior to finalising.

The Operational Plan is the point where the community’s strategic goals articulated in the Manning Valley Community Plan, and the Delivery Program, are translated into actions and practical projects from July this year through to June next year. The document also reflects council’s key initiatives across several areas.

“Our draft Operational Plan for 2014-15 spells out how we will operate in the coming financial year,” said Mayor Paul Hogan. “It outlines three key areas of council operations, including internal and external service delivery, and the corporate indicators related to all our services.”

“The draft documents now online spell out what it is that council will do in the upcoming financial year, and sets performance standards,” continued the Mayor. “We invite all members of the community to read the draft documents at write us with their opinions.”

Once the public has reviewed the draft documents, amendments to the documents resulting from public submissions are considered for adoption, scheduled for the June meeting of council.

Council undertakes quarterly reports to ensure the community is advised of progress on existing plans and programs. The reports are available online.

The draft documents now on exhibition included drafts of the 2014-15 Operational Plan, Budget, Fees and Charges Schedule, Long Term Financial Plan and Capital Works Program. All are available to read at Council’s Administration Centre at 2 Pulteney Street in Taree, at libraries, and online  until 4pm Friday, May 30.