People's petition smashes target

Petitions are still rolling in but the latest count in the 'Peoples Petition' for Better and Safer Roads and Bridges is 20,564 signatures collected.

Campaign organiser, Cr Peter Epov said counting was expected to close last Thursday but calls and emails were received on the weekend advising of outstanding petition forms.

"I am hoping that we can have all petitions returned to us by Wednesday 23rd, I suspect we may come very close to 21,000 signatures," Cr Epov said.

Cr Peter Epov with the 'People's Petition"

Cr Peter Epov with the 'People's Petition"

"I have been very pleasantly surprised by the numerous calls and requests for updates on the total numbers from all sections of the community. This is a clear demonstration of public ownership and concern.

"Both my colleagues Cr Robyn Jenkins and Cr Brad Christensen who have diligently supported the petition campaign are ecstatic with the result."

The original target of the campaign was 10,000 signatures which was later raised to 15,000.

Cr Epov said he would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the people of the Manning Valley for supporting the campaign. "I am so very proud to be a part of a community which has achieved over 20,564 signatures in only 21 days, and I am truly humbled by all the good wishes that we have received along this journey.

"This is an unequivocal triumph for the Manning Valley and now we will use this powerful mandate granted to us by the people of the Valley to launch into a strategic integrated national lobby campaign. We will not stop at just delivering and tabling the petition in the House of Representatives, there is a great deal more to be done.

"For us the real work starts with turning the 'Peoples Petition' into constructive outcomes.

"These 20,564 signatures are not just the strongest possible mandate to publicly campaign on the issue of Better and Safer Roads and Bridges in Canberra and Sydney, but a decisive expression and a confirmation from a majority of people in the Manning Valley, in the clearest possible terms, that we have a major roads and bridges funding crisis, which must be urgently addressed," he said.