Support for wild dog control programs

Loss of stock from wild dog attacks was highlighted as a priority at the recent Hunter Local Land Services (LLS) Board meeting.

Members unanimously resolved to support an integrated approach to the control of wild dogs in the Hunter region.

Wild dog

Wild dog

General Manager of LLS, Brett Miners said this indicates the commitment of Hunter LLS, to address the needs of local farmers and is and looking forward to ensuring effective wild dog control is a key priority for LLS staff.

“The Board agreed to support partnerships with Wild Dog Associations, and other land managers to ensure a nil-tenure approach is used to meet local needs and issues.”

 “In addition to a significant in-kind contribution from biosecurity staff, LLS will also provide financial commitment to assist in aerial baiting programs.”

“Sharing costs to assist in the eradication of wild dogs through baiting programs will provide landholders with the assistance to conduct aerial baiting activities which will benefit all landholders,” said Brett Miners.

A meeting of the Hunter Valley Combined Wild Dog Association held in February and attended by LLS General Manager, Brett Miners and LLS Chair, Susan Hooke, led to the formation of valuable relationships with key wild dog groups in the region, and a commitment to the development of long term strategies to manage the threat posed to agricultural production.

Acting Chair of the Hunter Valley Combined Wild Dog Association, Craig Murphy said the recent LLS Board decision to prioritise an integrated approach to wild dog control is a good step forward in addressing the actions and issues raised at our meeting held in February. 

“We need all landowners and managers to work together to successfully control wild dogs,” said Craig Murphy.

Landholders are reminded  that effective implementation of Wild Dog Management Plans require reporting of all wild dog sightings and related stock losses, and are asked to contact their local LLS biosecurity officer on 1300 795 299 for details.

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