Wingham v Taree west April 5

THE first half found some tired bodies backing up from the first game off the season only two nights prior, but after some good continuous pressure by Wingham Steve Murray push a great ball through to open the scoring. A slow patch of play late in the first half put our backs under pressure and a lucky goal was pushed pass. Wingham lifted again after unfortunately loosing JD to a hand injury.

The second half the team found a better rhythm and pushed the ball around well, Sticks scoring a great goal to nose ahead 2-1, Taree hit back from a short corner to equalize and Wingham had to lift again with Sticks once more scoring. Unfortunately for Wingham Taree scored late off a short to keep the game equal.

The team all wishes JD a speedy recovery.   

Wingham v Chatham April 3

AFTER 18 minutes Wingham were down one nil, but managed to lift and with 15 minutes 'till half time Sticks took a great ball in the middle to skillfully put a goal in and with some great defending skills by Terry Murphy (goalie) to keep it at one all at half time.

For Cooper and Pat in their game they showed great ball skill and fitness.

With the second half only five minutes in Jordyn come off with a problem wedgie whilst Blake Hudson pushed Wingham ahead with a quick goal. Five minutes later Blake increased our lead to 3-2, and another to make it 4-2, Jarrod cleared some great balls with JD setting up a great defensive wall. A short corner to Chatham brought up the score to 4-3, Steve and Brett worked well together in centers with Mitch defending well all game. A great game from Sticksy, Corey, Damien and Beep. An awesome flick off a corner made it 5–3 with eight minutes to go. Jordyn Billy and Blake showed great skill up front with some awesome defense from Terry Murphy in goals. Blake got his hat trick for the game. A big win 5–4 for the first game. A great start to 2014 for Division two. 

Wingham v Tigers KFC April 4

HEAVY rain before and all through the first half made conditions very hard for the start of season 2014, the first time that Sticks has actually been happier in the dugout than on the field. The only goal for the half came after goalie Terry in a huge sliding dive threw everything including a boot at the opposition but was outnumbered.

The second half saw the rain stop and play was able to open up allowing the Wingham team to score through team captain Beep (finally finding the correct goal) unfortunately the team went down in the end, but with a great display of determination and courage from a team that will definitely be there around the finals.