Wingham Wrap: April 4

-  Hon Jillian Skinner MP, Minister for Health, will be visiting Manning Base Hospital today.

- Clr Peter Epov said he will ask prime minister Tony Abott for 20 minutes of his time to discuss the campaign for better and safer roads and bridges in the Manning Valley. So far the campaign has secured more than 7000 petition signatures and Clr Epov is confident the target of 10,000 will be achieved. 

- The children of Elands and Bobin public schools visited the Wingham Brush Environmental Education Learning Centre on Thursday. Keith Davy of National Parks and Wildlife was on hand to introduce the children to a variety of native wildlife and to give a tour of the Brush.

- The Rural Fire Service has advised residents on rural properties can light fires again now the bushfire season is over. However 24 hours notice to neighbours and RFS is required. Rural residential property owners are advised to check with council to see if they require an environmental permit.