Wingham Farmers’ Market Saturday April 5

THE next Wingham Farmers’ Market feature producer for this Saturday April 5 is Peter Holcroft. He sells a range of household products through his stall ‘Petessential Oils’.

Based from his home in Lake Cathie, 20 minutes south of Port Macquarie, Peter had developed his own range of products using a unique blend of essential oils. In fact, he stakes his reputation on his products being all natural ingredients. The oils he uses are eucalyptus, tea tree, pine, orange, lime and lemon; “and a little bit of H20”. He was inspired to do this after a previous career which involved selling chemicals, and finding that doing demonstrations were giving him headaches.

The product list is impressive. Six years ago he started with a mould remover, an insect repellent/ household disinfectant, and a toilet cleaner, which took three years of testing to get his formula right. He now also has a personal insect repellent in a concentrate and ready to use spray, stain remover for carpet and clothes, and a new animal care product. This keeps away a host of problematic pests on cattle, dogs, goats, horses, deer, and for chook lice.

Most products are available as 500 ml or one litre concentrates, providing value for money. Peter also offers a money back guarantee if you are not happy with his product. He is proud that he has never had to give any refunds. Instead, he has a range of stories about how customers have tested his products in a wide variety of ways, for example successfully cleaning mould from a car, and spot cleaning wool.

You will find Peter at markets every Saturday and Sunday, including this Saturday morning at the Wingham Farmers’ Market.

This weekend is the start of the ‘Local Harvest Challenge’. This is one week of challenging yourself to eat some or all of your food from locally grown sources. What better place to stock up than at the Wingham Farmers’ Market! Find more information at

The Wingham Farmers’ Market is on this Saturday from 8 am till midday at the Wingham Showground. New stallholders are always welcome, with site fees waived at your first market. Direct stall holder enquiries to Annette on 6550 7213. Don’t forget if you have any excess produce to sell you can drop it at the community stall. There is more information online at and on Facebook.

Peter Holcroft

Peter Holcroft