CWA of NSW calls for ban on energy drinks to minors

WINGHAM CWA said it supports the call to ban the sale of energy drinks to children.

More than 13,600 Country Women’s Association (CWA) of NSW members and supporters have signed a petition which was presented to the House of Representatives today (Friday) calling for the ban on the sale of energy drinks to children under 18 years of age.

“We protect our children from alcohol and tobacco and believe that energy drinks should also be included on this list,” said Mrs Tanya Cameron, president of the CWA of NSW. “Energy drinks contain high amounts of caffeine mixed with ingredients like taurine, guarana, glucuronolactone and ginseng which elevate the heart rate and blood pressure and disrupt sleep. To children this is dangerous, especially when these beverages can be purchased practically anywhere with no limit as to how many can be bought at one time.”

The average energy drink contains 160–300mg caffeine per 500ml serve whereas coffee has 80–160mg and tea 40–120mg for an equivalent quantity.

“The higher rate of caffeine found in most energy drinks can cause insomnia, headache, rapid heart rate, nervousness, hypertension, anxiety and diarrhoea not to mention developing a dependence on caffeine,” says Mrs Cameron. “Who knows what damage, over time, this causes a developing body and mind?”

The petition was presented to the House by the Federal Member for Parkes, Mr Mark Coulton.