Social innovator

FORMER Wingham High student Prue Clarke received the Social Innovation Award at the 2014 Advance Global Australian Awards at the Sydney Opera House on March 15.

Prue is an award-winning international journalist. She was covering war, poverty and development across Africa when it became clear to her that she was reporting for the wrong people. Her audiences in the US, UK, Canada and Australia had much better information about the causes of African wars and poverty than the people themselves. She started New Narratives, a non-profit organisation to provide the resources, editorial and business support that media organisations needed to deliver good news in their home country.

Prue did her early schooling at Wingham High School and years 11 and 12 at Taree High. Prue always wanted to be a journalist and said she never considered doing anything else. She got her first introduction into journalism when she did a cadetship with the ABC Sydney television newsroom in 1997 and later reported business news for the ABC from New York. Prue was at Ground Zero when the twin towers collapsed on September 11, 2001 and covered the aftermath for the ABC.

Prue has won numerous reporting awards for her work, including a national Edward R Murrow and a UN World Gold Medal. Her reporting has appeared in Newsweek, the Guardian, the Financial Times, The Times of London, and on public television and radio in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. Prue is now an Africa Projects Manager for BBC Media Action.

Prue's grandfather Pat Clarke was the mayor of Wingham and her father Michael still owns the family farm locally but now works in Tamworth.

Award winning journalist and former Wingham High School student, Prue Clarke

Award winning journalist and former Wingham High School student, Prue Clarke