Sustainable woodchopping

Flooded gum logs from Lansdowne State Forest were used for the wood chopping event at the Wingham Show last weekend.

The first truck load of sustainable wood chop logs was delivered last week with more timber from the forest bound for Wauchope and Gloucester shows. The timber has been supplied under a new partnership between the Forestry Corporation of NSW and the Federation of NSW Axemens Association Inc.

Forestry Corporation of NSW regional manager Kathy Jones said the partnership would provide event coordinators and spectators with surety that the timber used is certified sustainable.

“Over the coming weeks we will deliver 50 tonnes of flooded gum logs from Lansdowne State Forest to Viv Watts of Yippen Creek, who will prepare them for woodchop events at the Wauchope, Gloucester and Wingham shows – the first events supplied under the partnership,” Ms Jones said.

“While we have supplied timber to woodchop events on an ad-hoc basis over the years, under the new partnership Forestry Corporation will supply sustainable timber logs to all major woodchop competition events organised by the NSW Axeman’s Association and their member clubs State-wide.

“The woodchop competition always draws a crowd to local shows and Forestry Corporation of NSW is proud to support these community events by supplying them with certified sustainable locally-grown timber.”