Extra day added to Sesquicentenary celebrations

THE Sesquicentenary Committee has extended the celebrations of 150 Years of Public Education in Wingham by an extra day - the commemorations will now be held on Friday September 12, Saturday September 13 and Sunday September 14, 2014.

9.30am-2.30pm Tabloid Sports in Central Park.

Children from the Brush Public School and Wingham Public School (about 500) will enjoy a day of sporting activities with the assistance of some High School students. A short ceremony will be held with a sports person speaking.

10am-12noon Wingham Public School will be open for inspection by former students and staff. The P and C will provide morning tea.

12.30pm-2pm Wingham Brush Public School will be open for inspection and the P and C will provide a sausage sizzle lunch.

6pm Entertainment and cocktails with an official ceremony will take place at the Wingham Services Club.

9am -11am Wingham High School will be open and the P and C will provide a barbecue breakfast.

The Hibiscus Room at the Wingham Services Club will have a display of local school memorabilia and the Museum will also feature local school items over the three days.

Locals are asked to search cupboards and suitcases in their homes for school items that could be displayed. Julie Leslie at Wingham High School is asking for any old uniforms that could be used in a parade - especially the navy serge box pleated tunics that were worn by girls. Hats and caps too are needed.

Old photos also are needed, not only for the display but posted on a website that ex student and project manager of these celebrations, Sally Piracha, is creating. There is a page for a survey also.

THE next meeting of the Sesquicentenary Committee will be at 4pm at Wingham Public School on Tuesday April 8. The main topic for discussion will be how to find the funds to cover the costs of celebrating 150 years of Public Education in Wingham over the weekend of Friday 12th, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th September 2014.

For more information contact Wingham Public School's P and C President, Kathy McPherson on 0410 405 805 or kathymcph@bigpond.com or retired teacher Susan Ryan phone 6553 5150.