Promoting meat

FEDERAL Member for Lyne Dr David Gillespie has taken part in a promotion of Australia’s meat industries at Parliament House in Canberra.

Free Meat Week was organised by The Nationals Member for Dawson George Christensen who became concerned about another event organised this week, called “Meat Free Week”, encouraging people not to consume meat.

“I think we should all be supporting our meat industries. Whether it’s a steak you like, chicken kebab on a skewer, a rash of bacon or a lamb roast, there are thousands of Australian jobs across a number of industries which reply on our support as consumers.

“In any balanced diet, meat in sensible portions is a nutritious ingredient, particularly when combined with vegetables or salad - a very healthy option,” Dr Gillespie said.

Dr Gillespie said that on the Mid-North Coast, many families and farm households were dependent upon a successful beef industry and any downturn in consumption of meat among consumers would hurt the region’s economy.

“This has been an excellent initiative and I congratulate George on turning what could have been a negative into a big positive.”

“May I encourage everyone on the Mid-North Coast to have a barbeque sometime this week and cook your favourite piece of meat to enjoy with your family and friends.”

For more information about Free Meat Week visit the website: