THE first round of the minor singles championship started last Thursday afternoon with the following results. 

M Hammond beat P Kriss (31-22), H Snelson beat D Stackpoole (31-14), R Trenchard (Snow) beat B Kershaw (31-24), P Swan beat C Martin (31-17), P Williams beat R Trenchard (31-21) and J Black beat H Payton (31-23) winners going through to the second round. One game of the second round major singles was played Friday afternoon with H Snelson defeating P Williams (31-21).

TAKING out the winners spot this week were G DePyper, T Baker and G Bartlett with a +13 win over B Page, M Hollebone and S Burnell-Jones. In the other two J Kennett, B Wolters and W Lewis beat R Thomas, H Fischer and P Wilson with a +8 and G Watts, D Hammond and J Pie beat M Cumberland, M Cannon and P Williams with a +2. The Jackpot was spun but no winning number was drawn this week.

WINNING the event out of the winners hat were R Moore, R Dawson and L Rose with a 20-7 win over N Bell, Snow and W Goward. Taking the runners-up prize out of the remaining cards were N Bell, Snow and W Goward. In the remaining games P Kriss, Rod and A Cox beat T Colechan, P Howarth and J Black (13-11), M Hollebone, P Swan and D Leadbeater beat A Dodd, T Abbott and Hunter (20-4) and Jim Gillogly, John Gillogly and J Crossingham beat P Mills, D O'Donnell and M Hammond (15-4). 

J NASH and R Lollback had a 20-5 win over L Dennes and B Wolters winning 12 of the 16 ends played. L Gilford and C Webster beat T Rushworth and G Walker 30-7 winning 11 ends. L Burnell-Jones, G Floyd and S Burnell-Jones beat G Gilford, N Platt and B Craig 18-10 winning nine ends. K Carlton and G Dennes beat J Pedron and M Hollebone 18-13 both teams winning eight ends each.

ALL three grades had a good start to the season with the twos beating Gloucester 5-1 at home, the fives beating Old Bar 5 ½ - ½ at Old Bar and the sevens beating Taree Leagues 6-0 at Taree Leagues. The first round of the pennants was played on Sunday due to the rain last week with Wingham having good results. The twos beating Harrington 5-1 at Harrington and the sevens beating Harrington 5 ½ - ½ at home. The fives had a bye for the first round.

Attention to all pennant players please mark your name off on the pennants sheet by Thursday evening as to your availability to play or not for the following Saturday. 

This will give the selectors time to organise the sides. Thanks