World's greatest shave

THE children of Cuddlepie Early Childhood Learning Centre are gearing up for a hair themed day on Friday.

Tiffany Clayton prepares to shave off all her hair

Tiffany Clayton prepares to shave off all her hair

While the little ones will be sporting funky new styles thanks to ties and hair chalk, two members of staff are being a little more brave. Educator Tiffany Clayton and preschool cook Maureen Shilling are taking part in the World's Greatest Shave to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation.

Their lustrous locks will be coming off and they couldn't be more excited about it.

Tiffany has the longest hair of the two and admits she has never had short hair.

Despite her husband's initial objections he is now her biggest supporter and couldn't be prouder. Tiffany has already raised more than $1600 and has organised a raffle and sourced prizes from generous local businesses.

First prize is a large lolly jar and family photo frame and other prizes include vouchers, a wallet, gift basket and handbags.

The idea is not a recent one, "it's been on the bucket list," said Tiffany who wanted to get her wedding out the way first.

Now she is ready to experience what it must be like for people living with Leukaemia who lose their hair. "They don't get a choice when their hair falls out - it might be hot or cold," said Tiffany who has been urged to stock up on beanies by her work colleagues.

"They have been very supportive at work but I would have liked to get everyone involved," she grins.

Tiffany's enthusiasm has managed to recruit an extra person to also have their hair shaved - two year old David from the preschool.

"His mum said sign him up," laughs Tiffany.

The World's Greatest Shave takes place nationally between March 13-16. Tiffany, Maureen and David will get their hair shaved at Cuddlepie this Friday at 10am.

Donation boxes are available from a number of outlets in Wingham including Wingham Bowling Club, Dress Up and hairdresser Nardas New Generation.