THE second round of the championship singles was underway last Thursday afternoon with the following results. M Clarke beat B Kershaw (31-2), T Proctor beat G Bartlett (31-20), C Martin beat L Mullen (31-12), D Leadbeater beat S Burnell-Jones (31-28), R Allen beat G Ireland (31-17) and A Cox beat J Black (31-21) winners going through to the third round.

TAKING out the winners spot this week were B Williams, B Wolters and S Burnell-Jones with a +6 win over G DePiper, T Baker and W Lewis. In other games D Stackpole, B Kershaw and P Williams beat J Kennett, M Cannon and D Leadbeater with a +4 and just getting over the line were J Pie's team with G Watts and D Hammond with a +1 to beat B Page, M Hollebone and G Bartlett.

WINNERS of the event out of the winners hat were B Crockett and B Smith with a 16-13 win over A Dodd and H Payton. 

The Runner-up prize out of the remaining cards went to P Mills, J Crossingham and T Lowman, who had a loss to C Mc Tagget, T Abbott and M Hammond 14-8.

In the remaining two games P Howarth and John Gillogly had a good win over R Moore and L Rose 21-6 and M Hollebone, J Black and D Leadbeater had a +18 win picking up eight shots on the last end over R Trenchard, Snow and P Swan.