THE first round of the championship singles were completed last Thursday afternoon with the following results. M Clarke beat G Walker (31-8), T Proctor beat D O'Donnell (31-14), B Kershaw beat G Murray (31-15), G Bartlett beat J Hinton (31-26), R Allen beat P Holden (31-27) and in a very close game G Ireland beat P Swan (31-30) winners going through to the second round. One game of the second round was also played with T Moore defeating R Dawson (31-11).

TAKING out the winners spot this week were B Page, T Baker and G Ireland with a +14 win over M Cumberland, B Wolters and P Holden. In the other two games also with good margins G DePiper, M Hollebone and J Pie beat J Kennett, R Thomas and M Cannon with a +10 and G Floyd, D Hammond and G Bartlett beat G Watts, P Williams and C Hinton with a +9.

E HOLDEN and P Holden had a 23-12 win over S Wolters and G Gilford winning nine of the 16 ends played. J Pedron and Mick Hollebone had a 16-10 win over J Gosling and B Wolters also winning nine ends. M Hollebone and A Cox had a very close game to beat L Gilford and R Lollback 16-15 with both teams winning eight ends each. C O'Donnell and G Dennes beat L Dennes and G Floyd with an 18-15 win, both teams also winning eight ends each.

THIRTY four men turned up for the Travelling bowlers day with five games of triples and one game of pairs played. Visiting the club for a game was J Brown-Lee. Winners of the day won by margins were T Richardson, P Kriss and T Moore with a +20 over G Williams, S Burnell-Jones and T Proctor. Runners-up and not far behind were Snow, B Leadbeater and M Clarke with a +16 over R Paton, R Thomas and C Hinton. The other matches had much closer results with G Watts, R Connell and R Dawson beating D O'Donnell, D Leadbeater and G Ireland 17-13, G Gilford, M Cannon and R Allen beat B Wolters, H Payton and J Brown-Lee 18-14, M Hollebone, D Hammond and C Kane beat C Webster, B Smith and P Holden 22-20. In the pairs game P Williams and L Mullen had a 22-21 win over J Pie and G Bartlett.