John Fenton visits

A WYOMING rancher will speak at Wingham Town Hall this Friday to share his own story of CSG wells on his property.

John Fenton is a rancher and a somewhat reluctant activist who was featured in the 2011 Academy Award nominated film 'Gasland.'

The film highlighted the devastation both from coal seam gas and shale methane gas extraction in the United States, with images such as burning water gushing from a kitchen tap. It is a whistle-stop tour for John of the East Coast of Australia visiting and speaking at the major coal seam gas hotspots. 

The Manning Alliance is hosting the talk and is pleased to offer the opportunity for the people of the Manning to hear firsthand what life is really like for someone living with coal seam methane gas wells.

The Manning Alliance said as a direct result of coal seam gas extraction, John's town of Pavillion has been plagued with CSG contamination. Potable water for drinking is shipped to his community each week and stock wells have been poisoned with numerous reports of cattle and horses dying inexplicably. 

"The Alliance is promoting and staging this visit as there are very distinct parallels between the rollout of coal seam gas extraction in the US state of Wyoming, and the present situation in NSW and specifically in Gloucester." said chairman of the Manning Alliance, Peter Epov. 

"Wyoming has the most significant expansion of coal seam gas wells in the US, NSW is also about to explode with the roll out of methane gas wells."

John will be speaking for one night only at the Wingham Town Hall this Friday (February 28) at 7pm.

Entry is free and all environmentally concerned landholders and residents are welcome.

Wyoming rancher John Fenton is on a whistle stop tour of CSG hotspots in Australia

Wyoming rancher John Fenton is on a whistle stop tour of CSG hotspots in Australia