Preparing budget for sesquicentenary

MOMENTUM is growing as the committee planning celebrations for 150 years of Public Education in Wingham, has gladly accepted guidance from an ex- Wingham primary and high school student.

Sally Piracha now lives in Brisbane and is an experienced project manager, facilitator and public relations professional. She left Wingham High School in 1983. Sally says modern technology has seen her lead projects across several states.

She read about the sesquicentenary celebrations being held on Friday, September 12 and Saturday, September 13, on the Manning Valley Historical Society's Museum Facebook page. Sally says, "I treasure my links with the Wingham community and would love to be involved." She has agreed to project manage the whole event and build a website.

Another local, Kim Wilson (nee Fotheringham) has made available slides taken when Wingham celebrated 100 years of publiceEducation in 1964. These celebrations included a street parade.

The committee has secured the Hibiscus Room at the Wingham Services Club for a display of memorabilia over the weekend and is asking locals to search their houses for school items that could be displayed.

The museum will also have a special display of old school equipment and photos leading up to the weekend.

Any interested person is invited to attend the next meeting at Wingham Public School Murray Road on Tuesday February 25 at 4pm. At this meeting events will be finalised, a list of guests drawn up and a budget prepared.

For more information contact Wingham Public School's P&C president, Kathy McPherson on 0410 405 805 or or retired teacher Susan Ryan phone 6553 5150.