Wingham Rifle Club report

THE competition shoot was from the 600 yards range, and despite the very welcome drizzle it did not interfere with competitors who enjoyed the clear sighting of targets in ideal conditions. 

It was a very good day for juniors Ronan Moon, Todd Barnard and Forbes Thurtell all who managed to fire well with the coaching of their fathers.

There were also visitors from Port Macquarie, and Armidale who also shot well.

A grade was won by Port Macquarian Mal McKenzie who fired an excellent 100.11, followed by Bronte Thurtell with a total of 99.13 beating her father Peter by one centre on 99.12 , Jim Blackmore on 95.2, visitor Paul Carberry 97.2, Tony Moon 94.4, and visitor Mike Chad 75.4.

B grade was won by Max Purnell who fired a terrific second round of 50.5 for a total of 98.10, followed closely by Keith Gleeson 98.4, Brian Mavin scored 49.4 and retired in second round, Barry White fired 46.2 and retired in second round.

F class was won by Mike Rogerson 110.6, and right on his tail was Tracey Anderson with another good effort for 110.5, then visitor Mario Schumacher who had an excellent second round of 57.4 for a total of 110.5. Ronan Moon 109.4 followed by Robert Taylor 108.2, defeating Tony Galati on countback with 108.2 and Todd Barnard also 108.2 followed by Forbes Thurtell on 97.2.

The handicap trophy was won by Todd Barnard and the handicapper is looking to lower his handicap again due to his rapid improvement.

Next week will be 700 yards.