Women's bowls

District Triples were held at Wingham on Monday with various clubs represented. A big thank you to Marty for having the green available and all the women who helped out at the club during the day. 

There was three games of 18 end triples played at home this week. N Sandford, F Wallace and P Weir defeated N Foy, T Rushworth and M Hollebone. Narelle's team struggled from the beginning and were not able to pick up enough shots to go down 27-9. G Bell, D Polley and J Thorburn defeated L Gilford, L Dennes and J Pedron. This was a close game in the end but it took Gwen's team five ends to pick up a shot. The score was 6-0 after the fourth end but eventually Gwen's team came away with a 17-14 win. In the other game it was also a close finish with Lillian's team leading 15-7 on the 13th end but only went onto win 16-14 on the 18th end. 

Winners with the largest winning margin was N Sandford, F Wallace and P Weir. 

Next week: February 20 

Pennant trials - Grade two vs Grade four. 

L Cross, J Gilford, N Sandford, E Holden v 

K Carlton, P Marcus, M Hinton, J Pedron. 

N Foy, C O'Donnell, R Gillogly, D Polley v 

G Bell, L Dennes, T Rushworth, J Thorburn. 

Social bowls will also be played. 

See you on the green.