Wild dogs attack family pets

TWO pet dogs were killed on Saturday morning by a pack of dogs that entered a property at Killawarra.

The dogs are believed to be wild and have been spotted on a number of occasions on properties in the area.

Residents were shaken by the attack on the small family pets. One died at the scene and the other was rushed to the vet but was unable to be saved.

It is believed that there are at least four dogs in the wild pack also thought to be responsible for the death of pet ducks on a neighbouring Killawarra property.

Greater Taree City Council said it has not been informed of any wild dogs in the area or of the attack on Saturday.

However council advise that wild dogs are the responsibility of the Hunter Local Land Services (previously Livestock Health and Pest Authority).

Residents can contact Peter Fotheringham or Laurie Mullen (noxious animals inspector) if they see the wild dogs again or for further information about this issue.

The Wingham office number is 6553 4233 or Peter's mobile number is 0409 034 557.