Conditions testing for shooters

WINGHAM Rifle Club's competition was held on the 500 yards range with another hot and windy day trying the skills of shooters.

This time however the tables were turned on the target rifle shooters with the F class competitors obtaining very good scores.

Once again junior Ronan Moon fired very well for a great score and Chris Barnard coming over from the target rifle to compete in this class had a terrific score.

A-grade was taken out by Tony Moon with a total of 94.1.

BC-grade was won by Max Purnell on 94.5 followed by Brian Mavin 93.2, Keith Gleeson 90.1, and Frank Alcott shot 76.2.

F class was won by Chris Barnard with two very strong rounds for a total of 115.7, narrowly defeating Tracey Anderson who also shot two very good rounds for a score of 114.3, then Tony Galati, 111.2, followed by Mike Rogerson 109.4, Ronan Moon 107.3, Rob Bartlett 107.1, then Barry White, another target rifle shooter trying his luck in F class who fired 103.4, and junior Todd Barnard who is improving every week with a solid 101.2.

The handicap trophy was won by Todd Barnard.

Next week will be 600 yards.