DAVID O'Donnell, a relative newcomer to club games, can put a 'feather in his cap' for his first round win over the very experienced Col Hinton, who by the way has his name on the honour board many times. 

David is pictured with one of his good deliveries which in the end gave him a 31-29 victory with the lead changing on five occasions. 

In other games which were played on Thursday evening there were some very close encounters, the most eventful one being between Jake Hinton, the eventual winner, and Glen Dennes with Michael Clarke being the marker. 

Glen had led throughout the game, except for having an equal score on three occasions the last being on the final end when Jake was able to pick up three shots to go the next round with the 31-28 win. 

Adrian Yeo came up against the 2013 club champion Toa Proctor and in the end Toa got up 31-29 even though Adrian had the better of the match for 19 of the 32 ends. 

In another very close game Peter Williams was able to get through with a 31-27 victory over the very skilful Col Watson who got away to a handy lead early and held that lead for 18 ends of their 39 end encounter. Peter came home the better and held that lead for the final five ends. 

Another new bowler to the championships was Peter Kriss and he did well against the very experienced Greg Bartlett with Greg taking the game 31-24. 

Howard Snelson was able to get through also with a 32-21 victory over Chris Kane, even though both had equal number of ends. 

In a game played in advance Tom Moore also goes through with a 31-12 win against Garry Williams. Garry did show some grit after being down 22-7 to give Tom some practice towards the end of the game.

THE nominated grade two and five teams went to Railway and both came home with victories. In the grade two Michael Clarke and Jake Hinton as skips led their crews to victories while Laurie Mullen and his men went down. In the other grade Rex Dawson and Adrian Yeo came away with drawn games whilst Glen Dennes led his team to victory. 

At home the remaining pennant fellows came up against mostly the lady players and have a guess, the fairer sex came out 'on top'. 

Narelle Foy and her team showed Stan Burnell-Jones what it is all about with a resounding 24-14 win and Lillian Cross led her crew to a 29-12 score over Dallas Hammond and his outfit. Mal Cannon was able to get a better result for the men with his team getting home 14-12.

IN what could become a club record disaster on the greens, Greg Bartlett, Helmut Fischer and Max Cumberland went for 12 ends of an 18 end game without scoring and were down 25-0 against Col Hinton, Ben Wolters and Bryan Page. 

Greg's team did then come good and the final score ended 27-10. Taking out the money for the day were Peter Williams, Mal Cannon and Gerry De Pyper with the +18 score. 

In the remaining game Warwick Lewis, Dallas Hammond and Peter Tutty played out a draw against Michael Clarke, Eric Weir and Jake Kennett.

THE Gillogly 'boys' Jim and John together with Alan Cox won this event taking home legs of lamb. On the same rink Rod Moore, John Crossingham and Tony Lowman also took home some good meat trays after their card was drawn as the consolation. 

Rex Dawson and Trevor Abbott showed Daniel Leadbeater and Nick Savage a 'clean pair of heels' with a resounding 34-7 score. Also with a big score of 23-8 were John Black and lucky Mick Hollebone against Peter Howarth and Tony Colechin. Paul Swan, Snow and Rod Trenchard had a 16-10 win over Craig Martin, Barry Smith and Cliff Bush. 

Phill Anderson, Neville Bell and Wayne Goward just got home 14-12 against Hunter Payton, Peter Kriss and Allan Dodds.

ROBERT Allen and Claudia O'Donnell with their +13 won the event with their win over Peter Tutty and Maureen Hollebone.

The runners up were Jim and Robyn Gillogly with a +10 against Stan and Leslie Burnell-Jones. Also with a +10 were Col Webster and Sini Wolters against Laurelle Dennes and Glen Gilford. 

Glen Dennes and Leonie Gilford had a 19-16 win over John Black and Faye Wallace. Reg Wallace and Janet Nash had a 17-12 win over Graeme Walker and Karen Carlton. Ben Wolters and Tina Rushworth had a shot victory over Mick Hollebone and Elaine Holden.

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THIS Saturday at 11.30am is the 'meet the board members'. Following this Gloucester is coming to visit with their pennant teams for a trial and this will be the final trial prior to commencing the competition.

Dave O'Donnell bowling for Wingham

Dave O'Donnell bowling for Wingham