Eye on Women's Bowls

THE final round of club pairs championship was played with Lillian Cross and Denise Polley against Tina Rushworth and Nancy Sanford.

There was not much in this game all the way with the ninth end score being 10-4 in favour of Lil and Denise. At the end of the 18th end the final result was 16-11 to Denise and Lil. Congratulations to everyone.

Social bowls:

THERE was also social bowls played with K Carlton, R Gillogly and S Wolters def N Foy, L Gilford and G Burden 22-13. Narelle's team was leading 9-4 at the sixth end but failed to continue and only picked up three shots in the last nine ends. L Dennes, N Fotheringham and J Thorburn def G Bell, B Kennett and M Hollebone 27-3. Laurelle's team was behind after two ends but were never threatened after that and went on to win comfortably. In a game of pairs F Wallace and C O'Donnell beat P Weir and M Hinton 25-12. Claudia and Fay started by picking up a four on the first end and from there were never behind and went on to have a good win.

Winners with the largest winning margin was L Dennes, N Fotheringham and M Hollebone.

Next Week: February 13

Social bowls will be played.

Thursday 20th will be pennant practice for both grades (two and four)

See you on the green.