Rifle Club report

WINGHAM Rifle Club's competition was held on the 800 yards range. 

Conditions were hot and windy once again, hampering shooters in certain grades, with the exception of A-graders and in F class, an outstanding shoot by junior Ronan Moon breaking another record.

In A-grade Peter Thurtell , Tony Moon and visitor Mike Millen all had terrific scores, due to their wind reading skills. 

A-grade was won by Peter Thurtell who shot 100.11 then Mike Millen on 99.11, followed by Tony Moon 99.9 and Steve Southwell 95.8.

B-grade was won by Max Purnell with a good first round of 49.5 for a total of 96.9, followed by Barry White on 88.4, Keith Gleeson 74.1 and Frank Alcott had 1 round only for 28.1.

F class was won by Ronan Moon 107.2, followed by Chris Barnard who came over from target shooting to free class and had a very good second round of 57.3 for a total of 106.4, followed by Mike Rogerson 104.3, then Tony Galati 102 and Tracey Anderson 99.1 and Todd Barnard 81.1.

Handicap trophy was won by Ronan Moon.

Next week's shoot is over 500 yards.