Water restrictions remain in place

AS we move into another forecast hot and dry weekend, residents in the Manning and Forster-Tuncurry area are reminded that level three water restrictions are in force.

These restrictions ban the use of water outside between the hours of 10am and 4pm and limit outdoor use to hand-held hoses and microspray systems only – no sprinklers or fixed hoses are to be used at any time.

The restrictions operate on an ‘odds and evens’ system matching house numbers. For example if your house number is 12, then you can water on all even days of the month i.e. 2nd, 4th, 6th etc. If your house number is 13 you can water on all odd days of the month, i.e. 1st. 3rd, 5th etc

These restrictions apply to residents supplied by the Manning scheme - those in the area between Crowdy Head in the north and Tarbuck Bay in the south.

Restrictions also apply to parks and gardens and commercial use. MidCoast Water will be working closely with Greater Taree City Council, Great Lakes Council and golf and bowling clubs to implement management plans for active playing areas. They will also be working with nurseries and other commercial water users.

Restrictions were implemented earlier this week – for the first time in a decade - as levels in the Manning River fell to below 20 megalitres a day – the lowest that has been experienced since November 2002.

MidCoast Water is now relying on water stored in Bootawa Dam to provide water to those serviced by the Manning scheme.

MidCoast Water’s general manager Robert Loadsman has called on the community to observe the restrictions to ensure we have adequate supplies should the dry continue.

Details of the restrictions are available from MidCoast Water offices, via the customer service line on 1300 133 455 or on our website at www.midcoastwater.com.au