Wingham Rifle Club report

Wingham Rifle Club's competition shoot was from the 400 metre range and once again shooters had to contend with strong winds.

This resulted in mediocre scores with the exception of two A-graders – captain Jim Blackmore, back from fighting fires in Victoria and South Australia, and Steve Southwell. 

They both had very good first rounds. Unfortunately the other grades did not do as well.

A-grade was won by Steve Southwell with a total of 99.9, followed by Bronte Thurtell 97.9, then Peter Thurtell 96.9 and Jim Blackmore 96.3. B/C-grade was won by Doc Keith Gleeson on 91.4, followed by Brian Mavin 89.5 and Chris Barnard 87.1.

F class was taken out by Phil Costa with a strong first round of 56.1 for a total of 109.1, then Tony Galati who scored 105.2, narrowly defeating Tracey Anderson on 105.1, then Gordon Higgins 101.2 and Bev Rogerson who had ammunition problems fired 100.3.

The handicap trophy was won by Keith Gleeson.

Next week will be 800 yards.