Women's Bowls

At home: 

THE second round of club pair's championship continued in warm conditions.

Last weekend two teams played and the results are as follows -

T Rushworth, N Sandford defeated N Boyd and C O'Donnell - 20/17

E Holden, L Gilford defeated D Lewis (sub), J Nash.

Thursday's results -

D Polley, L Cross defeated J Gosling, N Foy - 17/16

L Dennes, R Gillogly defeated M Hollebone, K Carlton - 22/18

Four points separated this final score of 22/18.

Karen and Maureen didn't start off too well, dropping a five pointer on first end, but re-grouped to play a steady game of bowls, picking up some handsome points on fourth and 12 ends with four pointers and a three on the 16th end.

Whereas, Robyn and Laurelle picked up two five pointers and two three pointers to position themselves nicely for their win.

Congratulations to all the women who played. 

Social Bowls:

C O'Donnell, S Wolters defeated G Bell, G Burden

P Weir, D Lewis, J Thorburn (swinging lead) defeated P Marcus, J Pedron and J Thorburn.

Winners with smallest winning margin was -

P Weir, D Lewis, J Thorburn.

January 30 

Semi finals of the club pair's championship - "Play or forfeit rule applies".

L Gilford, E Holden vs L Cross, D Polley

R Gillogly, L Dennes vs N Sandford, T Rushworth.

Plus - social bowls will be played. 

Please write your name down on the sheet provided in the bowl's section of the club.

See you on the green.