Women's bowls

WELCOME back ladies. 2014 has started out to be a very hot summer and the bowlers are keen to get back to practice for the coming pennant season starting second week of March.

But first we have to play our popular pairs championship games.

First round of the pairs championship has been played and the results are: E Holden, L Gilford def N Fotheringham, J Pedron; J Nash, M Hinton def P Weir, G Bell; D Polley, L Cross def J Thorburn, P Marcus.

Social bowls

M Hollebone, T Rushworth, F Wallace def S Wolters, G Burden, R Gillogly.

On Sunday one game of pairs was played between E Holden, L Gilford and J Nash, D Lewis (sub). Janet and Di were no match against the slick team of Leonie and Elaine. They combined well to play with confidence and skill to win this match by a large margin. Congrats ladies.

January 23 

Second round of pairs championship – play or forfeit rule applies: J Gosling, N Foy vs D Polley, L Cross; M Hollebone, K Carlton vs L Dennes, R Gillogly; T Rushworth, N Sandford vs N Boyd, C O'Connell.

Plus social bowls will be played. Please write your name down on the sheet provided in the bowl's section of club.

See you on the green