A FEW words from the selectors who have a job to perform for our club. 

"Committing to our club and team. If nominating to play pennants, make a commitment that you will be available for the duration of the season, which includes playoffs. 

"Accept the selector's decision as they are working for the benefit of the club and their decisions should not be taken personally. Often as not they are balancing personalities as well as bowling ability."

On Saturday last six selected teams travelled to Manning Point for the first of trial games and our fellows managed overall to get up by four shots with four rinks winning. 

At home the remaining players also practiced and this has given the selectors some indication of the eventual makeup of the teams to enter the competition. 

This coming Saturday Railway bring their players to our club and once again this will assist in determining the grades and position players will find themselves in at the commencement of competition in March.

Wednesday Social 

GREG Bartlett brought along A and B Bogle from his previous club to ensure he won the day with a +12 against Jack Pie, Bill Leadbeater and Jake Kennett. Coming in with the next best result of +8 was the team of Brian Williams, Dallas Hammond and Guy Watts against Daniel Leadbeater, Eric Weir and Bryan Page. 

Warwick Lewis and Ben Wolters finished with +6 over Stan Burnell-Jones and Rex Thomas. Mal Cannon, Mick Hollebone and Max Cumberland had a +5 against Peter Williams, Helmut Fischer and Gerry De Pyper.

Wednesday Twilight

BARRY Smith and Nick Savage put it all together to get the best result of 21-10 against Peter Kriss and Rod Payton. Paul Swan and Bill Crockett finished with a 17-13 win over Craig Martin and Peter Tutty. Peter Howarth and Tony Colechin won 16-12 against Hunter Payton and Allan Dodds.

Friday Mixed

THIS event commences at 4.30pm and single entries then decide the makeup of games which are normally pairs, however depending on numbers, triples are played. 

Last week Peter and Elaine Holden with their +12 against Jim Gillogly and Sini Wolters won the night. 

Ben Wolters, Peter Tutty and June Pedron finished with a +10 against Judy Stone, Tina Rushworth and Alan Cox. Glen Dennes and Robyn Gillogly had a +8 victory over Ron Lollback and Laurelle Dennes.